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Manage funds across multiple accounts and clients with PU Prime’s bespoke MAM/PAMM solutions.

How Do Both Parties Benefit From PAMM?


  • Take advantage of an experienced fund manager’s trading skills
  • Starting investment can be low since trades are executed from the manager’s end
  • Fund manager has stake in the investment pool to protect investor interest

Fund Managers

  • Accessing larger amounts of capital means more flexibility with strategies
  • Earn from management fees
  • Have complete control over investment pool

Who Is PAMM For?

The PAMM system is ideal for inexperienced or passive investors that can find a trusted Fund Manager to trade on their behalf. Since Fund Managers also invest their own funds alongside the investors, the investment risk is shared among all parties involved. Any profits or losses are distributed according to each party's share of the combined capital pool.

Meanwhile, experienced traders who are Fund Managers get access to a larger capital base to trade with, potentially helping them meet the high capital requirements imposed by certain markets or strategies. Notably, traders representing a PAMM investment pool also receive a share of any returns generated, which is paid out before profits are distributed. This additional compensation is in addition to the trader's portion of profits for participating in the pooled funds.

Why Partner With PU Prime?

PU Prime ensures high levels of client retention and satisfaction by offering superior service.

Deep Liquidity

We partner with global tier-1 liquidity providers while providing world-class execution.

Multiple Asset Classes

Trade a wide range of assets, from Forex, Commodities and even Cryptocurrencies.

Advanced Reporting

Get real-time account access and customisable reporting with our Backoffice Client Portal.

Dedicated Service

Our support staff is on hand 24/7 to provide the help you need.

Tailored Solutions

We help you meet your business needs with highly-customisable offerings.

Effortless Onboarding

Our professional teams will handle the necessary KYC and AML requirements.

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